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Xiaomi Time

The website contains information about current technology developments, product reviews, and user experiences. This platform offers rich content for Xiaomi enthusiasts, providing users with the latest information about the Xiaomi world.

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It is a source of up-to-date news, innovations and reviews focusing on the OPPO brand. The site contains detailed information on OPPO's latest smartphone models, updates, software features and hardware developments.

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Tech In Deep

It was a source of news and guides on the Android platform, but was taken over in 2022. The site, which changed hands at that time, hosted a wide range of content focused on the Android operating system, including updates, app reviews, hardware developments and user guides.

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Ziyalandın is a platform for sharing funny and entertaining true or untrue stories. The prominent feature of the site is its humorous posts called "floods". Ziyalandın offers its visitors a pleasant reading experience by bringing together interesting events, humorous anecdotes and creative stories from everyday life.

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GGamer is a dynamic platform for gaming news and guides. Designed specifically for gamers, the site offers a comprehensive coverage of the latest gaming news, strategic guides and gaming developments.


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